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Taking a boat tour around the island

Taking a boat tour around the island

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In Samothrace, because of the rough and steep terrain, the roads do not reach everywhere. The southern part of the island is only accesible if you do some hiking or - the easiest way - if you take a boat trip.

Boats organizing such excursions are usually found in Kamariotissa or on Pachia Ammos beach. They operate during the summer season.

The boats will take you to the south and southeast of the island, parts of a wild beauty and great ecological value, where no roads have been built. You will stop for a swim and you will have the opportunity to admire the Kremastos waterfall or sunbathe on Vatos beach, nestled between the rocks. Some boats also make dive stops at the wreck of a Romanian ship that ran aground in 1935, carrying wood. It is said that from the wood that the sea brought then to shore, many inhabitants of Chora had built their houses.

The Kremastos waterfall

Kremastos Waterfall (or Kremasto Nero) is located in the south of the island. Its name translates to "hanging water". It is the highest and most interesting waterfall in Samothrace and flows into the sea from a height of about 100m. In winter, due to the rich flow, its waters fall directly into the sea, without touching the rocks.

Tis Grias Ta Pania

Nearby, also on the south coast, there are some strange geological formations, which can only be seen from the sea. They are called Tis Grias Ta Pania ("old woman's laundry") and are one of the island's natural attractions.

Legend has it that an old woman whose only companions were the goats once lived in these wild and rocky place. One day, leaving her clothes to dry, a strong wind suddenly blew and took them and threw them ashore. Angry, the old woman cursed them to turn to stone. This is how Tis Grias Ta Pania were born. They look like a network of white lines and spots, which seem to be painted on the dark background of the rocks.

The Vatos Beach

Near Kremastos and east of Pachia Ammos is Vatos, a picturesque sandy beach, secluded between the cliffs.

Katarti beach Samothrace

Karkani beach Samothrace

Comments (4)

Alan P Newman
10 Jan 2021, 15:30
It is about 20 years since my first and 18 years since my last visit to Samothraki but the memories I formed do not fade. The boat tour round the island is one of the many highlights and Vatos beach is absolutely idyllic. Health issues are the only thing which stops me returning.
10 Jan 2021, 15:32
Hi Alan,
I hope you'll get better and be able to visit the island soon.
27 Aug 2021, 17:09
Do not take the Samothraki Cruises from Therma port. They almost never go to Vatos. Instead they take you to Katarti, which is the detest place on this island, without any shadow and they let 20 people there with just two umbrellas. It's a scam!!
19 May 2022, 00:51
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