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Where the island ends: Akrotiri Cape and Agios Andreas Lagoon

Where the island ends: Akrotiri Cape and Agios Andreas Lagoon

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If you find yourself in Kamariotissa and you go on the seaside towards west (on the left side as you watch the sea), at about 1.8 km away, you'll arrive first at the lagoon named Agios Andreas ("St. Andrew") and finally at the Akrotiri Cape. You'll pass near by a chapel and then a on a dirt road which goes between two water areas. There's the lagoon to your left and the sea to the right. The landscape is dominated by the blue of the water, the dark gray of the gravel and the green of the vegetation spots.


The road to Agios Andreas

The road to Agios Andreas

Agios Andreas Lagoon

Agios Andreas is one of the most important wetlands in Samothrace and it was declared a special protection area. The place is ideal for the ones interested in bird watching, as here different species of migratory birds stop in their way to the Evros Delta. Egrets, seagulls, cormorants and teals are among them and sometimes you can see pelicans and swans.

The lagoon has salt water and an area of about 500 square meters. The medium depth is 1.5 meters and the maximum is 5 meters. It is separated of the sea by a strip of land. The locals call the lagoon daliani, which means "fish spot", even if nowadays the fish have quite disappeared from its waters.

Agios Andreas Lagoon

Akrotiri Cape

The Akrotiri Cape is the most important of all the promontories of the island - a finger of land which goes on deep into the sea, creating currents and dangers for the boats which try to go too close to its shores, especially that the north and northwest winds are very strong in the area. Related to that, one of the many curses of the rich folklore in Samothrace wishes one to drown and then that the waves take him out right on the shore of the Akrotiri Cape.

Not so long ago four wind turbines were placed on this piece of land. Even if today they don't exist anymore, they are still a marker for the space.

There's a lighthouse toward the end of the cape. Also there, among the pebbles, you can find beautiful small shells which can add up to your souvenir collection. Some of the plants which grow up here are to be found in a salad dish from the menu of To Stenaki taverna in Chora - you can try it up if you are curios (they are like a kind of algae).

Capul Akrotiri


Usually the area is very windy, so it's recommended that you should take with you some clothes for protection.

When you arrive at the end of the Akrotiri Cape, turn back and take a look at the Mount Saos behind you. The view is unforgettable.

Landscape at Agios Andreas

Akrotiri Cape

Akrotiri Promontory

Small shells at Akrotiri Cape

Vegetation at Akrotiri Promontory

A view of Saos Mountain from the Akrotiri Cape

Samothraki vazut dinspre Capul Akrotiri


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