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Kamariotissa - Welcome to Samothraki!

Kamariotissa - Welcome to Samothraki!

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Located in the northwestern part of the island, in a bay protected by the Akrotiri cape, Kamariotissa is the first place you'll step in once you arrive in Samothrace. You'll see it from far away, from the ferry, with its white buildings and the unmistakable towers of the church, having Mount Saos on the background.

With almost 1000 inhabitants, Kamariotissa is the biggest settlement in Samothrace and its only connection with the mainland. It is a crossroad for the driveways going to the east and to the south.

The port of Kamariotissa

Although it is believed that in the ancient times in this place there was the Dimitrion harbor, Kamariotissa is a quite recent settlement, which was built at the beginning of the 19th century as a fishing village. As the tourists arrived, the need for modernization was felt and the settlement was little by little transformed, becoming the most commercial, noisy and crowded locality on the island.

Kamariotissa is the place to rent cars, scooters or bicycles. The only gas station of the island is here, on the road to Chora.

There are also pharmacies, two rather big supermarkets, a post office and a bank with ATM (Pireus Bank).

Rent a scooter Samothrace

In the small park by the sea there is a steel statue of the goddess Nike . Nearby there are the bus and taxi stations.

Villas, tavernas, bars, souvenir and coffee shops line the promenade and remain open until late in the night .

The statue of Nike in Kamariotissa


Visit the Salamanis Bakery, which is located on the road to Chora, right before the crossroad. The bakery is on the right side, hidden in a yard with lavander, thyme and rosemary bushes. It offers fresh bread, croissants and all kinds of cakes and chocolates.

For cocktails go to Scholeio or Kentriko, on the promenade. At Kentriko also try the crepes and other desserts.

For buying local beer Fonias Pale Ale, go to Samothrace Microbrewery, also on the road to Chora.

What to see in Kamariotissa

The most important monument is the Panagia Kamariotissa church, which houses the icon of Virgin Mary of Kamares, from which the town got its name.

You can also take a pleasant walk to the Akrotiri Cape and Agios Andreas Lagoon.

Last but not least, the sunsets in Kamariotissa are wonderful.

Sunset in Kamariotissa

Why to stay in Kamariotissa

Kamariotissa offers a wide selection of accomodation units. It is for those who prefer the more populated areas and for those who want to have several supermarkets, shops and bars close-by.

Staying in Kamariotissa could be a suitable option for a first vacation in Samothrace, as its position somehow in the middle allows you to easily go both to the eastern part of the island, to Kipos beach, and to the southern part, to the sandy Pachia Ammos beach.

The promenade of Kamariotissa

Motorcycles in front of a taverna in Kamariotissa

Tables in the Kamariotissa square

The Kamariotissa lighthouse

Kamariotissa harbour Samothrace


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Weather in Samothrace

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