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Samothraki bus schedules

Samothraki bus schedules

Public transport is one of the ways you can use to get around the island (although having a car or scooter would be better).

Local buses depart from Kamariotissa (the station is right near the port), on three main routes:

  • to Chora, the capital of the island
  • to the western and south-western villages (Alonia, Lakkoma, Profitis Ilias)
  • to the northern villages (Palaiopoli, Kariotes and Therma; in the summer the buses also reach the campsite)

Additionally, on Saturdays and Sundays throughout July and August there's a regular bus route to and from the beaches of Kipos and Pachia Ammos.

During high season, buses run every day and only Monday through Friday during the rest of the year.

Bus routes and timetable November 1st 2022 - May 1st 2023

In bold are the routes operated by KTEL (phone +30 255 102 6479), while the others are operated by the municipality (phone +30 255 104 1218).

The underlined routes may change according to school program.

Departures 07:50, 09:30, 10:50 (Mon, Wed, Fri), 13:50, 16:00, 19:50
Returns 08:05, 09:40, 11:00 (Mon, Wed, Fri), 14:00, 16:10, 20:00
Estimated travel time 10 minutes


Departures 06:50, 10:00 (Mon, Wed, Fri), 14:05, 16:15, 20:00
Returns 07:10, 10:20 (Mon, Wed, Fri), 14:25, 16:35, 20:20
Estimated travel time 20 minutes



Departures 06:30*, 09:50, 14:05*
Returns 07:00*, 10:10, 14:40*
Only the routes marked with (*) reach Ano Meria

Estimated travel time

Kamariotissa - Paleopoli: 5 minutes

Kamariotissa - Kariotes: 10 minutes

Kamariotissa - Therma: 20 minutes

Kamariotissa - Camping: 25 minutes

Kamariotissa - Fonias: 30 minutes

Municipality bus
Municipality bus

KTEL bus
KTEL bus

The bus station in Kamariotissa
The bus station in Kamariotissa

Bus station in Palaiopoli
Bus station in Palaiopoli

Comments (8)

03 Sep 2022, 15:44
I am going to Samothraki late September. Where can I find schedules for after Sep. 4th? Or may be you can post it?
03 Sep 2022, 15:58
Yes, I will keep it up to date.
04 Sep 2022, 10:12
Kalimera, how do I reach Therma after the 4th september? My hotel would be there.
05 Sep 2022, 10:52
Hi Evgenia,
You can reach Therma by bus or taxi.
04 Sep 2022, 22:16
12 Sep 2022, 16:51
And after Sep.12th, please?
06 Mar 2023, 06:41
Hello! I am planning to travel to Samothraki in early October 2023, and will likely stay at the Samothraki Village Hotel. I was hoping to visit the Mikro Vouni archaeological site while I'm there (if it's open), but I won't have access to a car. Is there a way to get to the site by bus, or would taxi be my only option?
06 Mar 2023, 08:56
Hi Emily,
Unfortunately Mikro Vouni is closed.
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