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How to get to Samothraki

How to get to Samothraki

The gateway to Samothraki is the port city of Alexandroupoli from where there's a regular ferry service connecting the island to the mainland.

Getting to Alexandroupoli by car

If you are from Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, North Macedonia or Turkey the easiest way to get to Samothraki is by car. Alexandroupoli is on Egnatia Odos, the great east to west Greek highway. It's well maintained and generally empty. There's no need to pay for a vigniette in Greece, but depending on where you enter the country there might be one or more toll stations along the way.

Coming from Romania

Find out more about traveling by car from Romania to Samothraki.

Coming from Bulgaria

Bulgaria shares a long border with Greece with multiple border points, so depending on where you live you might choose one or the other. The one from Makaza is closest to Alexandroupoli, is usually the least crowded and there is only one toll station along the way.

Coming from Turkey

Greece shares two land border points with Turkey (Edirne and Kesan). Both are well connected to the Greek road network and are reasonably close to Alexandroupoli.

Getting to Alexandroupoli by plane

Flying is the easiest way to get here from most international destinations. The city has a small domestic airport (AXD). So getting here involves a stop in Athens. An alternative would be to fly directly to Kavala or Thessaloniki and then renting a car from there. There are also buses and trains to Alexandroupoli, but the journey takes way too many hours to be considered practical.

Parking in Alexandroupoli

Although it's advisable to bring your car to the island, there are options to leave it in the safe and reasonably priced parking lot in the port.

On the island there are ways to get around without a car - like renting a scooter, taking the bus or a cab, or even hitchhiking.

The Bulgarian-Greek border in Makaza-Nymfea. Alexandroupoli is 45 minutes away from here.
The Bulgarian-Greek border in Makaza-Nymfea. Alexandroupoli is 45 minutes away from here.

Alexandroupoli. The emblematic lighthouse is to the right, the entrance to the port is to the left and the island of Samothraki in the distance.
Alexandroupoli. The emblematic lighthouse is to the right, the entrance to the port is to the left and the island of Samothraki in the distance.

Comments (11)

01 Apr 2022, 00:46
Why are you advising that we take the car on the island with us?
Would it be painful to take busses to various spots on the island?
Thank you.
01 Apr 2022, 10:19
It's ok to use the bus if you don't want to move around the island too much. The bus only goes to some places on the island and you rely on its schedule. For example last year if you wanted to go to Kipos or Pachia Ammos Beach by bus you had to wait until Saturday or Sunday and it was only possible in July or August. You can learn more about the bus here:
02 Jun 2022, 17:37
Hi again :)
May I ask you if you could provide the exact location of the parking at the Alexandroupoli port (3 EUR/day)? Google maps link would be great. :) Thank you!
02 Jun 2022, 17:45
Hi Martin,
The parking is in the ferry port, to the right:
The prices for this year changed: 2 EUR for the first hour, 1 EUR for the second hour and then +0,2 - + 0,5 EUR per hour. If you want to leave the car for 24 hours the price will be 10 EUR, so for 9 days the parking will cost you 90 EUR.
24 Apr 2022, 22:43
Hi there. We are coming for a week in June. Would you recommend pre-booking the ferry? Struggling to find a timetable or list of companies / ferries that run over summer period. Thank you!
24 Apr 2022, 22:58
Hi Charlie,
You can find the ferry schedules here:

Usually in June you can buy the tickets directly from the ticket booth in the port of Alexandroupoli. If you want to be extra sure, you can buy them online.
25 May 2022, 16:35
Hi, I'm arriving to Thessaloniki on the 24th of June, what is the bus timetable to Alexanderpoli (night time)?
26 May 2022, 15:03
Hi Joe,
I think there's a bus at midnight, but please check with Ktel (you can change the language from the bottom left side) :
17 Feb 2023, 12:40
Hello, my husband and I want to visit Samothraki in August for a week, staying before one week on Thassos. I am trying to find out how to get from the Thassos ferry port Keramoti to Alexandroupoli. There is supposed to be a bus from Kavala or Xanthi but on the ktel-website that you mention below ( there is no bus going to Alexandroupoli to be found. Can you help?
Furthermore on the ferry website that you mention below there is only a timetable until the end of February. Is there anywhere a timetable for August to be found?
Thank you.
17 Feb 2023, 13:01
Hi Sarah,
There is a Ktel bus which connects Kavala with Alexandroupoli - it departs at 10.15, 14.30, 18.30:
You have the English language option to the left of the page. You can book tickets a couple of weeks before the departure.
As for the ferry timetable to Samothraki, most probably the summer schedules will be announced around April.
19 Feb 2023, 20:33
Thanks a lot for your help!
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