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Getting around the island

Getting around the island


By car

The best way of exploring the island is by small car (quite often the streets are incredibly narrow), by moto, scooter or even by bike. The road network go around the island, except the southeastern part.

One road starts from Kamariotissa (the west end) to northeast, passing by Paleopoli, Kato Kariotes, Therma and arriving to the Kipos beach, in the far eastern end of the island. Another road goes from Kamariotissa to the south, ending at Pachia Ammos beach. In the southeastern part you can only arrive by boat or by climbing the mountain.

Road in Samothrace

If you didn't come by car, you can always rent one from Kamariotissa. A cheaper and more typical Greek option is the scooter. You can rent it for about 15 Euro per day.

Below there are the phone numbers of the Rent a car companies:
• Kirkos Rent a Car, Kamariotissa (Dimitris Kirkos): 0030 697 643 5139; 0030 255 104 1620
• Saos Bikes, Kamariotissa: 0030 694 606 5551; 0030 255 109 8280
• Niki Rent a Scooter, Kamariotissa (Giorgios Marmaras): 0030 694 893 192
• Christos Matsas, Kamariotissa: 0030 697 292 4253; 0030 697 323 3934; 0030 697 292 3211; 0030 255 104 1220
• Ch. Rentals, Kamariotissa (Cholovai Marianna): 0030 697 669 5591; 0030 255 104 2272

There is only one gas station on the island and you'll find it on your way out of Kamariotissa, about 2 kilometers away, on the road to Chora. The phone number is 0030 255 104 1168 (Evanghelos Batzikostas).

By bus

There are local buses which leave from Kamariotissa. The bus station is near the harbor, as you go to the left. The timetables are here: Samothrace bus schedules.

The buses leave for Chora, Ano Meria, Alonia-Lakkoma-Profitis Ilias and respectively for Palaiopolis-Kariotes-Therma-Camping-Fonias.

By taxi

Getting a cab is a convenient option especially if you're traveling with some friends. There are 4 cabs on the island and you'll usually find them in the harbour of Kamariotissa, near the lighthouse (after the bus station, before the crossroad to Chora). Here are some phone numbers, in case you'll need them:

• Vrachiolia Evdokia: 0030 697 699 1270; 0030 697 699 1271; 0030 255 10 41 720
• Vasdekis Panagiotis: 0030 697 238 1762; 0030 255 109 5140
• Petropoulos Nikos: 0030 697 288 3501
• Deloudi Sirmo: 0030 698 666 9272


Hitchhiking is often used by locals and tourists both. If you drive a car around the island, don't be surprised if people will stop you asking you nicely to drop them off in some village.

Scooters to rent in Kamariotissa
Scooters to rent in Kamariotissa

Rent a car in Kamariotissa


Bus in Kamariotissa
Bus in Kamariotissa

Motorcycle in Chora

Seaside road in Samothrace

Samothrace road network


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