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Therma - between the mountain and the sea

Therma - between the mountain and the sea

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Therma (also called Loutra) is located 14 kilometers east of Kamariotissa, on the northern coast road of the island. It's a small touristic settlement (about 70 inhabitants plus the hundreds of visitors in the season), built in the woods, on the Tsivdogiannis river, among huge old plane trees, oaks and chestnuts.

It has some small hotels and villas with rooms for rent, shops, a bakery, a church, tavernas and coffee shops.

Right at the entrance to the village there is the popular Café Ta Therma, the main meeting point for coffee or tsipouro. Nearby, especially in the evening, people are selling handmade clothes and jewelry or honey (try oregano or thyme honey).

The Coffee shop Ta Therma
The Coffee shop Ta Therma

The church of Therma
The church of Therma

The hot springs

The settlement gets its name (which in Greek means "baths") from the sulfurous hot springs, known since the Byzantine period, but exploited only from the 1980s.

The small treatment centre generally operates from the end of June to the end of October and is located right at the entrance to the town, on the right side, next to the bus station. Water is indicated for rheumatic diseases, peripheral vascular diseases, gynecological diseases and obesity.

The treatment centre
The treatment centre

The path to the right side of the treatment centre leads to a few other small pools. They are quite poorly arranged and maintained, but they are outdoors, on the mountain and provide a beautiful view of the port of Therma.

Thermal pools Samothrace

Hot baths Therma

Hot water pools Samothrace

Outside water pools Therma

Summer evenings in Therma

In the summer evenings Therma becomes the hot spot of the island. Many tourists come from the two campsites nearby. Taverns and bars stay open until late at night and everything is full of life, bustle and music.

At night in Therma

Summer nights in Therma
Summer nights in Therma

Mountain and sea

Therma is the perfect combination of mountain and sea. It is located in an area with luxurious vegetation, at the feet of Saos Mountain, but in the same time close to the water. A 300 meters paved sidewalk road connects the settlement with the small harbor which is rarely used, as it needs frequent dragging.

The beach has sand and gravel, as the whole northern shore of the island. It is organized and it has two beach bars: Saoki on the right side of the port, and Kafteri on the left side.

Therma Beach

Why stay in Therma

It's a good idea to stay here if you love freedom, music, fun and boho life or if you are going to hike in the mountains. The Gria Vathra waterfalls are right next to Therma, and the ones on the Fonias River are not too far away either. Also from Therma starts the route to the Feggari peak.

Therma Samothrace

Coffeshops Therma


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