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Samothrace in a nutshell

Samothrace in a nutshell


Samothrace is a small oval shaped island of volcanic origin, with an only 178 square kilometers area. It is located in the Thracian Sea, which means the northeastern part of the Aegean. It has Thassos island (which is about two times bigger) at the north-west, Alexandroupoli town, on the mainland, in the north, Limnos island at the southwest and the turkish island Gokceada at the southeast.

Even if it is not vast, Samothrace is the third highest Greek island after Crete and Evia, due to Mount Saos, whose height of 1614 meters makes the island visible from far away.

Its name (Samothraki in Greek) derives from the greek samos (tall) and the name Thraki and means "tall Thrace".

The island has no airport and the only connection with the rest of the country is made by the ferries which arrive in the Kamariotissa harbour.

Samothrace is known for its wild nature, the hidden waterfalls and vathres, the mountain and sea combination, the genuine delicious food and for the bohemian life.


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