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10 things to do in Samothraki

10 things to do in Samothraki

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There are certainly a lot of things to do and to experience on a holiday in Samothrace. It was difficult, but we managed to narrow it down to 10. Some are for everybody, while others, as climbing Mount Saos or trekking to Vatos beach require adequate equipment and training.

1. Start with the beginning!

Explore the island's history by visiting the old city (Paleopoli) ruins, the Sanctuary of the Great Gods and the small Archaeological Museum near by. Among old gnarled olive trees you'll immerse yourself in the ancient legends of the place once famous for its Mysteries.

The Sanctuary of the Great Gods

2. Take a dip into the "vathres"!

Samothrace is more famous for its vathres than for the beaches. These vathres are the natural pools formed by the island's myriad of waterfalls. You can reach some of them very easily, after a 20-30 minutes walk in the shade of the old oak and plane trees. Take your swimming suit with you and cool off in their waters. In case you want to reach the less accessible vathres situated upstream, bring suitable footwear.

Vathra on Fonias River in Samothrace

3. Enjoy the sand!

Spend a lazy day on Pachia Ammos beach, where you'll find plenty of sand, umbrellas, sunbeds, kayaks and paddle boats. You don't want a sunbed? You can always lay your towel directly on the sand - no one will disturb you.

Order a beer or a frappe at one of the beach bars or take a snack at the taverna. The day will pass before you know it.

Pachia Ammos Beach Samothraki Greece

4. Take a photo of the goats on a wild black beach!

Kipos beach is situated at the end of the costal road, in the east of the island. It's a wild unorganized beach, with black gravel, towered by steep cliffs on one side. You can have fun taking photos of the wild goats which are plenty in the area or you can practice nudism.

Kipi Beach Samothraki

5. See the island from high above!

Go up to the chapel of Panagia Krimniotissa and enjoy the spectacular views. The road is not very good and you need to drive slow, but it will be worth it. Watch the forest covered cliffs and the infinite blue of the sea unfolding before your eyes. From here, you can also make out the Turkish island of Gokceada (the former Greek Imvros).

A bird's eye view from Panagia Krimniotissa chapel

6. Wander the streets of Chora!

Chora is the island's capital, which means a visit there is a must. But, besides being a capital, the village is a charming place, with sloped cobbled streets and traditional houses covered with red tiled roofs, hanging on the mountain.

Lose yourself in the labyrinth of alleys and discover lovely new places!

Wandering on the streets of Chora

7. Eat local!

A good way to discover a place is by trying its gastronomy. First, try the goat meat cooked in all kinds of different ways for which the tavernas of Profitis Ilias and Karydies Taverna of Ano Meria are famous.

Don't forget the fish and the seafood - you are on an island after all. Try the tavernas on the seaside! We recommend Akrogiali in Lakkoma and O Psaras on the road from Kamariotissa to Therma.

As for Chora, you should try the crepes of To Stenaki, the chocolate cake of O Lefkos Pirgos or the goat milk icecream and the haslama of Trapeza Coffee Shop.

Pair the dishes with craft beer from Samothrace Microbrewery, with wine from Melmar Winery or with local tsipouro.

Local food

8. Go on sunset hunt!

Search for places where you can take beautiful photos of the sunset! You can either enjoy a traditional dinner at the Paradeissos Taverna in Profitis Ilias, go to the beaches of Lakkoma or  find a place on the North-Western beaches and admire the colors with a cold beer in your hand. Choose a moment right before the sunset and see how many shades of red and yellow you can capture in your photos.

Sunset on Samothraki island in Greece

9. Climb the highest peak!

If you are an experienced trekker you can try climbing the Feggari Peak (about 1600m). It is not a short walk, but you'll get to enjoy the surroundings from the third highest island of Greece.

Feggari Peak Samotrache

10. Discover the hidden beaches!

On the southern part of the island there are a few wonderful beaches. You can reach them either travelling by boat, either hiking the mountain paths (in which case you'll need experience and training).

Beach in the southern of Samotrace


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