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O Vrachos, one of the best restaurants in Samothrace

O Vrachos, one of the best restaurants in Samothrace


If I were to make a top of the best restaurants of the island, O Vrachos (which means "the rock", probably taking its name from the rock to the left) in Profitis Ilias village will certainly take the first place. Maybe normally I would have chosen a taverna on the beach with a nice view over the sea (like Akrogiali, which is also on the first places in my own personal top), but O Vrachos won my heart from the very beginning with the nice location in the small settlement on the hill, with the familiar setting and with the kindness that Apostolos (the owner) received us with.

O Vrachos TavernaO Vrachos Taverna

Talking with one or the other on the island, I understood that O Vrachos is also the most recommended by the inhabitants. And when we were there the second time some young Greeks celebrated their marriage, which implies that the taverna is also one of the locals' favorite. Whatever part of the world you'd be, this says very much about a restaurant.

O Vrachos is the place where you must necessarily eat the delicious roast goat, which is the trademark of the place. One kilo costs 24 Euro, which makes a portion about 8-10 Euro, depinding on the weight. If you had had enough of marouli (green salad), I recommend you to try "the Hungarian salad", which is a fresh and healthy combination of cabbage, carrots and celery. We also tried the pork, the chicken, the homemade burger, the tirosalata, the Greek salad and bougiourdi and they were all very tasty.

After the dinner we were offered desert on the house. We received thick yogurt with homemade sour cherry and grape marmalade. There was also an orange marmalade and Apostolos told us that it was pumpkin (kolokitha in Greek).

If you like the homemade marmalade you can but it – one 1 kilo jar costs 10 Euro.

You can arrive to O Vrachos Taverna from Lakkoma, on the road which goes up to the small Profitis Ilias village and which has a beautiful view over the island and the sea.

Contact information

Phone: (+30) 255 109 5264 (Apostolos Kalaitzis)



At O Vrachos

Roasted goatRoasted goat

Greek yogurt with pumpkin marmalade

Greek yogurt with sour cherry marmalade


Sunset in Profitis Ilias villageSunset in Profitis Ilias village


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