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A portrait of the Samothracian cat


Cats are everywhere in Samothrace. When you sit down in a taverna, they'll pop up suddenly and they'll snuggle up to you, greeting you with a wink. Scraps of food are appreciated and a sureway to make a friend for the next hour. If a cat appears, you can be sure more will follow. One moment you are alone, the next you realize that you've been surrounded by cuteness.

Don't think they'll shy away from jumping into your lap and taking a quick bite out of your plate. By the way, if you book a room on the first floor and leave your balcony door open, don't be surprised if in the morning you'll find a furry friend by your bed. It happened to us more than once.

Kitten sleeping at Karidies

You'll find lazy kittes laying in the sun

Kittens staying in the sun at Chora

Sleeping kitten

Or yellow tomcats resting in the shadow…

Cat under the table

Yellow tomcat

Cute little cross-eyed cats…

Cros-eyed cat

Or with different colored eyes…

Different colored eyed cat

Greedy little cats…

Greedy cat

Cat eating from the plate

Serious cats...

Delicate cat

Cat in the window

A cat at the blue window

or contemplative cats...

Cat looking at the sea


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