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Agia Paraskevi: The little church on the seashore

Agia Paraskevi: The little church on the seashore

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There are only a few bigger churches in Samothrace in some of the villages while chapels and small churches dot the rest of the island. Two such churches are dedicated to Saint Paraskevi - one in Paleopoli and the other in Ano Meria.

The church of Ano Meria is not in the village, but on the shore, in a little cove with foamy waters. It has a blue door, blue windows and traditional tile roof with stones on top as a means of protection against the strong winds. To the right there's a small bell tower with a cross on top - also blue. The motif of the cross is also repeated on the fence that faces the sea.

In front of the entrance, there are a couple of benches in the shade of a few young plane trees while a vitex shrub provides a splash of color.

The interior is simple - just a few golden icons decorate the bright white walls.

The church was rebuilt on the spot of an older one, destroyed in a fire. Archaeologists discovered here signs of a settlement dating from the Roman period.

Every year, on the 26th of July, when Saint Paraskevi of Rome is celebrated, a service is held here and then a panigyri (a religious themed feast) where gorgovrasto (a traditional dish with goat meat an rice) is served.

Where is the church of Agia Paraskevi from Ano Meria located?

The church can be found in the north-east of the island, 2.2km away from the bridge over the Fonias river and 600m before the crossroad where the main road intersects with the road to Ano Meria.

Biserica Agia Paraskevi se afl? în golful cu acela?i nume

Din ?oseaua principal?, un drum de p?mânt se îndreapt? spre biserica de pe malul m?rii

Lâng? cl?dire cresc câ?iva platani tineri ?i un arbust de vitex agnus

Din curtea bisericii se z?re?te în dep?rtare Capul Skepastos

Pe pere?i stau icoane pictate pe fundal aurit

Deasupra u?ii de intrare se afl? icoana Sfintei Paraschiva

Mica clopotni?? a bisericii

Pe stâncile din apropiere po?i vedea cormorani

Ci?meaua ridicat? în anul 2015


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