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Pachia Ammos, the most popular beach of Samothrace

Pachia Ammos, the most popular beach of Samothrace

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Pachia Ammos (meaning "thick sand" in Greek) is the most well known and popular beach in Samothrace. The reason? It's the only sandy beach accessible by car.

The beach is in south, at the end of the road which leaves from Kamariotissa and crosses the western side of the island. The 30 minute drive (16 km) takes you through olive tree orchards and sleepy villages.

Although it's not that far, the road seems longer than it really is and more often than not you'll have to give way to goats or sheep crossing the street.

A bird's eye view of Pachia Ammos Beach

Pachia Ammos is located in a picturesque cove. The golden sand stretches for 800m between two cliffs. Even though there's no organized parking, there's plenty of space to leave your vehicle. If you find a spot under a tree you might be surprised to find a goat on top of your car.

The landscape is almost desertlike with few trees, but plenty of shrubs and bushes. Although in the first part of the 20th century, the area was wooded (there are even reports that in the 40s there was a pear orchard), excessive grazing caused the soil to erode and caused harm to younger trees, preventing their growth.

The left side of the beach (as you face the sea) is wilder and quieter with no bar or sunbeds. Nudism is a common sight here. On the opposite side there are reed sunshades, sunbeds, showers, changing huts and a couple of beach bars. The bar on the left is Giannis', the one of the right is his brother's, Nicholas. As a matter of fact, as you walk across the beach they'll greet you and offer you a place to stay.

The left side of Pachia Ammos Beach Samothrace

Organized beach in Samothrace

In high season, renting a sunbed costs 5€ (with a drink included). When there are fewer tourists on the island, you can use the sunbeds for free as long as you order a drink from the bar. The frappes and the beers (330ml) cost 3€ (except the local craft beer, Fonias, which costs 5€) and milkshakes will set you back 5€. Chips are usually on the house.

In low season kayaks are free to use for customers and in high season, kayaks are 10€ / hour to rent and pedal boats are 15€ / hour. Up until the middle of September (depending on the weather and number of tourists), Nicholas can take you to see the southern part of the island by boat. The boat accommodates up to 8 people and the price is 10€ / person to Vatos beach and 20€ / person to Kremastos waterfall.

There's also a taverna near the beach and a few rooms to rent behind it.

Umbrellas on Pachia Ammos Beach

Pachia Ammos is one of the few beaches on the island where you can go into the water without aquashoes. Also, it slopes gently to the sea, making it ideal for children. Waves aren't usually that high and there's not much wind either. If you're into snorkeling, there are a few interesting spots by the cliffs, but there are some better places for this in other parts of the island.

From here you can also go hiking in search of hidden beaches. Don't forget to bring suitable footwear, a couple water bottles, sunscreen and some sort of hat! If you are more into rowing than hiking you can also get to these places by kayak.


You can end a lazy day at the beach with a visit to the chapel Panagia Krimniotissa. It's on a nearby hill which offers a spectacular view over the cove. The best place to eat on your way back would be at one of the tavernas in the village of Profitis Ilias, famous for its goat dishes, especially goat on the spit.

Beach bar on Pachia Ammos beach

Bar at Pahia Ammos

Taverna Nicholas Pachia Ammos

Nicholas Taverna Samothrace

Pahia Amos Samotrace

Pahia Ammos Samothraki

Rocks on Pachia Ammos beach

Clear water of Pachia Ammos beach


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