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Trapeza, a coffee shop with a view


Ilias is from Thessaloniki. Theodora comes from Athens. They met in Samothrace and fell in love with each other and both with the island. Despite the many difficulties they encountered, they decided to change their lives and forever move to the place that had brought them together. A few years later a beautiful blue eyed baby girl was born.

View on the terrace of Trapeza Coffee Shop in Chora

You'll find them running the coffee shop with the most beautiful view over the old medieval citadel and the red roofs of Chora. It is located right in the center of the village and it is named Trapeza, which in Greek means "bank". That is because there used to be one here – with clerks, with counters, with all that it entails. Ilias and Theodora turned the old building into a charming place, full of good vibes and positive energy, a place that is easy to enter, but hard to leave.

Theodora is a graphic artist and this is obvious in each and every corner of her coffee shop. Crochet toys, wooden decorations, colored ceramic pottery are all arranged on the shelves and in the windows. Natural soaps, face creams (which only use bee wax, extra virgin olive oil and essential oils), spoon sweets, liqueurs, spices – all of them are locally produced and an excellent idea for a gift.

Go in the morning and sit at a table on the terrace overhanging Chora. Slowly sip a Greek coffee or a creamy frappe. Ask for a feta, tomato and oregano omelette. Try one of the many types of sweet or savory crepes. Don't forget about the goat milk ice cream – it is delicious. Or, if you want to taste a traditional desert, try a haslama.

Go again in the evening when the sun begins to set and wonder at the changing shades and colors of the citadel and village. Ask for a plate of tasty local starters and a lemon or chocolate pie, drink a glass of wine, a cold beer or a mandarin liqueur made by Ilias and browse through the books about Samothrace. Allow yourself to live slowly, to live to the fullest, to enjoy your holiday, to make new friends, to discover wonderful cozy places just like Trapeza.

Cafe Bistro Trapeza

The menu of Trapeza Taverna

The coffee shop Trapeza in Chora

The inside of Trapeza Bistro

The bar of Trapeza Caffe

Souvenirs at Trapeza Coffee Shop

The view from Trapeza

Coffee at the Bank Caffe in Chora

Sunset at Bank Coffee Shop in Chora

Omelet at Trapeza Coffee Shop

Icecream at Trapeza Coffee Shop

Traditional haslama at Trapeza Coffee Shop


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