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10 reasons why you should visit Samothrace
10 reasons why you should visit Samothrace


Every destination has its beauty and its interesting parts and there's something to learn everywhere.

Why should you travel to Samothrace? Why is Samothrace such a special island? Why does it have its group of "followers" who visit it every year, without getting bored?

Here are 10 reasons why you should add it to your list of future travel destinations.

1. You can lie in the sun on a wild and isolated beach

Secluded beach in Samothrace

2...but you can also do some trekking

Mountain trail from Pachia Ammos Beach

3. You can take a dip in the natural pools up in the mountains

Gerania Vathra on Fonias river in Samothrace

4...and then try the fresh and tasty local food

Eat local in Samothrace

5. You love Greece and you'd like an authentic and different experience

Chora Samothrace

6. ...on an island still not touched by mass tourism and modernization

Road in Ano Meria

7. ...with a natural wild beauty

Fonias river Samothrace

8. You want to feel far away

Ferry to Samothrace

9. ...feel the mistery

Travel to Samothrace

10. ...and the magic of the island

Mount Saos


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Weather in Samothrace