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Review of Kalisti Apartments in Xiropotamos

Review of Kalisti Apartments in Xiropotamos

Xiropotamos is a small village, lying at the feet of the mountain, on the valley of the river with the same name. A few houses, a taverna and a church. And quietness, so much quietness…

Kalisti Apartments
Kalisti Apartments

In order to get to Kalisti Apartments the road takes you through olive groves, hives, loops among the three-four houses of the small Makrilies settlement and becomes narrower towards the end, when it turns near some abandoned and ruined traditional houses. In the end, near some goats and sheep fancings, you'll be surprised to find the new and modern apartments.

A green oasis, well cared of and strewn with flowers houses the building which has four accommodation units, each one with a separate entry. The rooms are spacious, clean and beautifully decorated in pastel colors. They are suited for couples but also for families, as near the double bed they have another bed and a sofa. The furniture and the amenities are new. There is a fridge, a hot plate, a coffee machine and even a frappe machine. As a matter of fact, I think these are among the most beautiful apartments I've seen till now in Samothrace.

It is incredibly quiet in the evening and it's like you'd have your small (but modern) house in a forgotten Greek village. In the morning you'll be awaken by the sounds of the nature and the sheep bleating and you'll enjoy the view of the impressive mountain.

The only minus I'd say (as long as are you interested in it) is the lack of signal. Wi-Fi somehow works but only in some parts of the courtyard and very rarely inside the room.

How can you get here? From Kamariotissa you follow the main road which goes toward southeast. At the crossroads between Lakkoma and Xiropotamos you turn left. Pass by Makrilies (I recommend you to pay a visit at the small cheese fabric Papanikolau) and then, right before the Avli Taverna you turn left and then another left, near some abandoned buildings. It is a good idea to always follow the signs, as there's another secondary road, which doesn't seem too friendly.

Why come here? Because the apartments are clean and look very nice, for the comfort, for the peace and quiet of a Greek village, for the taverna where you'll find locals and only occasionally some tourists and not last for the Xiropotamos canyon, with its waterfalls and vathras. Also from here you can easily reach the southern part of the island, with Pachia Ammos beach.

Anyhow if you like noise, crowd, music, bars, coffee shops, tavernas you'd better choose one of the many accommodation which Therma or Kamariotissa offer.

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Phone: (+30) 697 009 9988

Entering the Xiropotamos village

Sign to Kalisti Apartments

The road to Kalisti Apartments

Getting to Kalisti Apartments

Kalisti Accommodation

Kalisti Apartments courtyard

Kalisti Apartments room

Kalisti Apartments bedroom

Kalisti Apartments lodging

Kalisti Apartments kitchenette

A cat at Kalisti Apartments

Kalisti Apartments garden

Kalisti Apartments olives

Coffee corner at Kalisti Apartments

Kalisti Apartments Guesthouse

The view from Kalisti Apartments


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