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Review of Armonia Rooms in Therma

Review of Armonia Rooms in Therma

We've been to Armonia Rooms in Therma in the autumn of 2016. When we arrived the first thing we saw was a big green courtyard, full of hortensias. There was plenty of room for the car parking.

The owners were nice and welcoming and, despite the fact they didn't speak English, but only Greek and German, we managed somehow to communicate.

Armonia Rooms
Armonia Rooms

The room we were accommodated in was at first floor. Not too big, but very clean and tidy. There is no kitchenette in the room, but you have a fridge and, anyway, on the same level there is a little kitchen free to use by the guests. Also, there's a barbecue in the yard for those who like to make their own roast but, with all the delicious restaurants on the island it would be a sin not to try them.

Armonia Guesthouse is well located in Therma, only a few minutes walk by the tavernas, supermarkets and caffés.

What we liked: the location, the welcoming hosts, the big yard, the cleanliness, the fact that there was a small sink in the room.

What we didn't like: the rooms a bit small, the lack of soundproofing.

You should choose Therma for your accommodation if you like to arrive quickly at the waterfalls and vathres, if you plan to climb on the top of Feggari Mountain (one of the trekking trails starts nearby), if you like the luxurious vegetation or if you want to be close to the Thermal Baths. And let's not forget about the bohemian caffé and Saoki Beach Bar!

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Phone: (+30) 697 009 9988; (+30) 255 150 0221

Armonia Accommodation in Therma

Armonia Guesthouse in Therma

Armonia Hotel in Therma


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