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O Psaras Taverna - for the fish lovers

O Psaras Taverna - for the fish lovers


Blue and white colored chairs and tables arranged around a big yard await invitingly under the shade of the plane trees. Katerina and Dimitris bustle about, taking orders, carrying food, handing out smiles. The three page menu is written neatly by hand on a lined notebook. You really don't need anything more.

The O Psaras Taverna (meaning "The Fisherman") is all about fish and seafood. It reopened in 2020 after a hiatus of a few years (until 2016 it had operated in a location, also on the Northern coast, where today you'll find Argo).

A tasty fish soup will set you back 9€, the octopus, mussels and calamari around 8-10€ and the pasta or seafood risotto 12.5€. It you're in the mood for fish just ask about the catch of the day. Dimitris, the long haired guy that looks like he just stepped out of a pirate story, will masterfully grill it for you and serve it with a bowl of ladolemono (olive oil and lemon sauce) and a sprinkle of oregano.

Besides the fish, O Psaras also has a nice selection of appetizers (tzatziki, local feta cheeese, grilled yellow cheese, fava, aubergine spread, stuffed augergine) with prices ranging between 3 and 4.5€ and salads (tomatos, cucumbers, green salad, ruccola, beetroot, cretan salad, steamed green leaves) ranging from 3.5 to 7.5€. There's also something for people who are not into fish - burgers, sausages, pork and chicken skewers with prices between 7 and 8.5 €.

There are also plenty of drinks to choose from - wine, beer or our recommendation - locally produced tsipouro. End the evening with a yummy desert made by lovely Katerina! Kali orexi!

Contact information

O Psaras Taverna is on the right side of the road from Kamariotissa, just before the harbor of Therma.

Phone: +30 697 416 9085

O Psaras Samothraki

O Psaras Taverna Samothrace

Cretan salad at O Psaras Taverna

Psaras Restaurant Samothraki


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