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Beyond the mountains: Vatos Beach, Samothraki's hidden gem

Beyond the mountains: Vatos Beach, Samothraki's hidden gem

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Vatos isn't one of Samothraki's easy-to-reach beaches. Quite the contrary! It's in an inaccessible area of the island, beyond the mountains and far from any roads.

Vatos Beach is in the south, a few coves away from Pachia Ammos as you go eastwards. The homonymous river flows into the sea here through a picturesque canyon. Vatos is a wild sandy beach, with clear blue waters and strange rocky formations.

The easy way to reach Vatos is to go by boat. The alternative is to follow the mountain trails. One path starts from Pachia Ammos and cuts through steep cliffs that plunge into the waters below. It's not a long hike - about an hour - but it has some difficult and outright dangerous segments. Mountain climbing experience and not being afraid of heights certainly do help.

Another path starts from the church of Panagia Krimniotissa. If you follow it you can get to a height that overlooks the river valley. From there you can try to make your way down the steep hill, but there's no visible path. You have to go by feel alone.

The Vator river ends on the homonymous beach. View from a valley above the church of Panagia Krimniotissa.
The Vator river ends on the homonymous beach. View from a valley above the church of Panagia Krimniotissa.

Comments (13)

31 Aug 2021, 23:30
Hello, we are coming to Samothraki in 2 weeks. We are also freedivers and I red somewhere that there is a shipwreck. Can you help me locate it?
Thanks and love from Serbia!
01 Sep 2021, 12:00
the shipwreck is in the south, in the area of Katarti Beach, as you go from Pachia Ammos towards Vatos.
01 Sep 2021, 16:18
Thank you so much!
01 Sep 2021, 16:20
You're welcome. Have a nice holiday on the island!
01 Sep 2021, 16:23
Thanks, can't wait to see all the waterfalls, try local beer and dive around shipwreck. Your website helped us a lot during our planning.
01 Sep 2021, 16:28
It feels good to hear that :)
16 Sep 2021, 23:59
Can I get boat to vatos from the port as well. I cannot find any info for boats. Thank you!
17 Sep 2021, 00:06
Hi, this year the boats left from Pachia Ammos, Kipos and Therma, but since it's late in the season I'm not sure they do anymore.
03 Sep 2022, 22:34
Hi. Is there a video or photos of the trail to Vatos beach from Pachia Ammos beach? If not, why not post a video and photos!
03 Sep 2022, 22:45
Hi Nik. Thank you for the suggestion. I will add some photos when I'll find the time. Even though the path from Pachia Ammos is marked it's way too dangerous in my opinion. People have died on easier paths on the island. It's not something I want to encourage.
13 Sep 2022, 02:34
Omg! How to get there off high season? End Sept, early Oct?
13 Sep 2022, 10:12
You can try to go by boat with Nick (+30 698 450 8105). You can usually find him on Pachia Ammos, but I don't know if he will be there in October.
13 Sep 2022, 02:35
What is the distance between the 2 beaches on water?
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