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Watching the sunset at Paradeisos Taverna in Profitis Ilias

Watching the sunset at Paradeisos Taverna in Profitis Ilias


Going from Kamariotissa to Pachia Ammos you'll find many signs indicating "Paradeisos - the best view of the island". And so it is...that's why the right time to pay a visit here is at sunset.

You'll find the taverna in the little village called Profitis Ilias, right after you pass O Vrachos (another popular name for the lovers of goat meat), a few houses down the road, on the right side. The centerpiece is the ivy covered terrace from which a beautiful view opens over the sea, with the Thassos island and Chalkidiki peninsula with Mount Athos somewhere far away.

Of course in the menu you'll find first the roasted goat meat for which the village is famous, but there are also other dishes. The goat or lamb meat costs 25 Euro per kilo, which means about 11 Euro a portion. If you have a good stomach you can always try kokoretsi (some kind of meatloaf made of chopped goat organs) which comes with fries (as it does the roasted goat) and costs 9 Euro.

As for the salads, you'll have to choose between tomatoes, green salad, roasted peppers, beet greens and greek salad (horiatiki), all at 3 Euro, except the greek salad, which costs 6 Euro.

The appetizers are the classical ones - feta or tzatziki at 2.5 Euro, fried feta, eggplant salad or tyrosalata (cream cheese) at 3 Euro, bougiourdi, stuffed peppers or baked eggplants at 3.5 Euro, fried zucchini or eggplants saganaki at 4 Euro.

You can also try the pig roast, the liver crepes or the lamb chops (paidakia) at 8 Euro, the burger or the sausages at 6.5 Euro.

Pair the food with a homemade tsipouro (6 Euro per carafe) or with a wine glass. The local wine costs 10 Euro a bottle and the red or white house wine is 7 Euro per liter. The beers are from 1.5 Euro (250 ml) to 3 Euro (500 ml).

After we finished our dinner we received a dessert on the house. We tried haslama (semolina cake characteristic to Northern Greece), biscuit cake and spoon sweets.

We enjoyed ourselves at Paradeisos Taverna. The food was tasty, the music soft, the owners friendly and the sea at the sunset unforgettable.

Contact information

Phone: (+30) 255 109 5267 (Ourania Tisaousi)

To Paradeisos Taverna

Roast goat
Roast goat


Drinks at Paradeisos Taverna

Dessert at Paradeisos Taverna

Dining at Taverna Paradeisos

Dinner at Paradeisos Taverna

Sunset at Paradeisos Taverna

Watching the sun go down at Paradeisos Taverna

Watching the sunset at Paradeisos Taverna

Evening at Paradeisos Taverna


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