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The rugged beauty of Kipos beach

The rugged beauty of Kipos beach

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Kipos (or Kipi, which means "the gardens") is probably the most popular beach after Pachia Ammos, but it's as different as it can be.

As Pachia Ammos does, Kipos also is to be found at the end of a paved road, but in the north of the island. It's the paved coast road which starts from Kamariotissa and goes east. Where this ends, at about 18 kilometers from Therma and away from the settlements, you'll find a black and wild beach, in an area populated by many goats.

If you come by car, be careful not to leave it under a tree - you risk that the animals climb it in order to reach more easily the trees, so their food. Also keep an eye on your mobile phone so it doesn't connect to one of the Turkish networks. Roaming can get really expensive, really fast.

Kipos Beach

The beach stretches for more than 1 kilometer and it's the biggest of Samothrace. The dark pebble, a result of the volcanic activity, contrast with the dark blue of the water and give the place a strange and exotic beauty, of an end of the world. The landscape is almost lunar, dominated at one end by huge and steep cliffs, which seem to go up right from the sea. This area is very good for snorkeling and you you swim nearby you'll discover all kinds of small caves and beaches unreachable by foot.

The beach is not organized and there's no shadow, so you'd better take with you a towel and an umbrella. The special shoes can also be useful, as the hot black gravel are difficult to bear without footwear. The waters are relatively shallow, but be careful not to go very far away, as there are currents and it can become dangerous.

The island you see at the horizon is the now Turkish Gokceada (also called with the old Greek name Imvros).

Even if it is not a sandy beach, many prefer Kipos for the clear blue waters, for the beauty of the nature and for the tranquility. The isolation makes it also popular among the nudists.

After you had your time on the beach I recommend you to pay a visit to one of the most famous tavernas on the island, Karydies, which is to be found nearby.

Kipoi Beach

The sea at Kipos Beach

A van on Kipos Beach

The sea shore at Kipos

Sand on Kipos Beach

Sunset on Kipos Beach

Shell on Kipos Beach

Landscape at Kipos Beach

Sea water on Kipos Beach

Pebble on Kipos Beach

Laying on Kipos Beach

On Kipos Beach


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