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Akrogiali - Sunset at the taverna

Akrogiali - Sunset at the taverna


If you are a fan of fish and seafood, Akrogiali ("sea shore" in Greek) is certainly a place you'll visit more than once.

The taverna is in Lakkoma, on the western side of the island, 8 km away from Kamariotissa, on the road to Pachia Ammos beach.

The Akrogiali TavernaThe Akrogiali Taverna

It's very easy to find it, just keep an eye for the name of the restaurant painted in bright red on a wall adjacent to the road.

Every day the restaurant buys fresh fish and seafood from the local fishermen. The owner will be happy to serve you a good variety of fish, among them anchovies, sea breams, mullets and the lesser known sargos or murmura.

The prices vary between 25 and 45 €/kg. Lobster is the most expensive seafood (at 50 €/kg), but you can also try the mussels, the squids, the shrimps or the tender octopus, cooked in various ways with prices ranging between 6 and 10€ per plate.

That one friend that doesn't like fish can always choose something from the rich appetizer selection (3.5-4€ per portion) or one of the classic main dishes like chicken/pig roast, lamb chops, burgers or sausages (6-6.5€ per portion).


Plan your day so that you will get to Akrogiali in the afternoon, just before the sun starts to go down. A good meal together with a glass of wine or ouzo and the burning sunset on the horizon will make for an unforgettable memory.

Before you take your leave go for a short walk on the beach and bask in the last rays of colored light.

Contact information

Phone: (+30) 255 109 5123 (Georgios Sarantos)

Taverna Akrogiali Samothrace

Restaurant Akrogiali

Akrogiali Samothrace

The view from Taverna Akrogiali



Greek saladGreek salad

Beetroot saladBeetroot salad




Mussels saganakiMussels saganaki



Complimentary dessertComplimentary dessert

Taverna Akrogiali Lakkoma

Sunset at Taverna Akrogiali

Sunset in Lakkoma


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